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Kathleen Schaub VP of Marketing, Neil McGovern Strategy Worldwide Marketing, Lisa Hopkins Director, Product Marketing, Phil Bowermaster Worldwide Product Marketing Manager and Joydeep Das Sr. Product Manager all joined us here in Boulder for an in depth briefing of Sybase technology and solutions.

If you haven't looked at Sybase recently you probably should. If your suffering from a high level of query complexity, ad hoc queries, concurrent users, performance criticality and data volume issues Sybase might just be the answer for you.  Riding the wave of their first  +1bil dollar year and 70% license growth in 2007. They seem laser focused on performing in the areas of  reporting services, advanced analytics, enabling their clients to offer analytics as a service and real-time analytics.

This type of focus puts Sybase in the cross hairs of some pretty solid competitors as well as upstarts like the data warehouse appliance players and other who use compression, in memory and columnar processing. Sybase differentiates in the arena of concurrent users and price giving them a leg up in many circumstances.

I heard a lot of good things from Sybase today but I was especially impressed with their efforts in the real-time arena. The Sybase real-time analytics platform is very interesting. The ability for the solution to stream data into the system and feed both an in memory database providing real-time data analysis while it feeds the back side of the system in 10 second intervals to provide historical data available for further analysis is highly valuable for the financial services world and others in need of real-time analytics. They are early to market with this application and still have some tweaks to the process coming down the pike so look for great things from them in this space.

Overall, the time spent with Sybase was insightful and valuable. Thanks for coming to see us.


Looking forward to Sybase

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The Sybase BBBT is coming up this Friday. It's going to be fun catching up with them.


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