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Visible Technologies is in the house at todays BBBT

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VisibleTech logo.pngBill Baker, CTO and Blake Cahill, SVP Marketing are here bright and early this morning to present Visible Technologies to a packed house here at the Boulder BI Brain Trust. At its simplest Visible is a SaaS based listening tool for companies to monitor the world of social networking to watch brand and gauge sentiment towards topics. The value is how a company then forms a strategy around the ability so see this conversation. Visible has collected 230M conversations and it grows by 1M a day they are running over 13 terabytes today with dramatic growth. I write a lot about my frustration with companies like United and Sears if these companies were actually dedicated to customer service and success they would engage solutions like Visible offers to learn how we all feel about them.

The technology side of Visible is interesting from the unstructured to structured side of things. I wonder when these types of solutions will be integrated into the world of conventional business intelligence solutions. They would add a ton of value to just about any business. The Visible SaaS platform offers a great feature called a response vault allowing a company to create approved and consistent response to issues uncovered in the social world. The solution is a comprehensive suite of solutions that provide layers of tools that enable a company to effectively manage and participate in the social graph of their brand. They focus on four main areas - Listen & Learn, Analyze & Understand, Engage, Integrate as mentioned it covers all the needs around this business challenge.

The suite is user friendly, well designed and seems to offer a deep array of the tools needed to help create success around the challenge of hearing and participating in the social conversation.

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