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Composite Software and Compassion International are in Boulder Today

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Composite logo.pngA warm welcome to Composite Software and their customer Compassion International.This is a first for the BBBT to have a customer join us and we are pleased to have Kenny Sargent, Product Manager and Steve Horn, Project Manager here to present on behalf of Compassion International today. Founded in 1952 the ministry is dedicated to children advocacy. In 2009 the ministry celebrated sponsoring 1,000,000 children worldwide, addressing health, economic, spiritual, educational, social and environmental needs. Today they are helping 65,000 children in Haiti with as many as 5,000 in Port-au-Prince.

The Ministry Information Library (MIL) acts as the companies data warehouse. The MIL is all things enterprise data they are addressing data management and governance and have built a strong technology architecture with Composite, Kalido, Initiate Systems, Informatica. Just like all companies Compassion is challenged by the same information issues as any other enterprise. And are fighting a huge growth curve of users and "customers". 

Compassion has a master data hub and operational data/reporting hub and a standard data warehouse. Composite helps them create a Data Virtualization Layer that federates data from all the sources nessesary to serve the end user needs. They are also using Composite to combine EDW information along with operational data to serve portal needs on the client side.The system they have created is very sophisticated for a company that has only been focusing on the problem for two years. The executive team at compassion has made technology a a focus.

The composite solution has enabled the technology team to "stage quickly" new projects without the standard costs involved physically building out custom architectures. The virtualized data can then support new ideas and innovation without the time and cost investment you might normally see for new projects. Bottom line, Compassion International is off to a fast start and has created a foundation that will enable them to grow and done it all in a time frame (2 years) that is faster than most.

Composite's virtual consolidation and federation abilities enables them to address a wide scope of data challenges. The solution has evolved into an end to end platform that includes a studio, designer, manager, server, discovery and monitor modules. They have competition in some of these areas but it appears that they stand alone with the full scope of the platform. And Composite has always differentiated itself by how well it optimizes queries.

It was great to have them at the BBBT today and especially nice to hear from their customer and explore the real-world use examples.

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