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Pervasive Embeds new Data Integration Features

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Pervasive logo.pngPervasive Software is presenting with Mike Hoskins, CTO, Pervasive Software and General Manager, Integration Products, and Alison Raffalovich, Director of Pervasive DI Gartner Quad.pngCorporate Marketing and Communications.Not a classic DW vendor, but they have been a data integration vendor for 27 years. They started with Btrieve (now called Pervasive PSQL) and Data Junction (now called Pervasive Data Integrator) product. The company employs 240 persons with $47M revenue in 2010, 38 profitable quarters, and $40M in cash. Pervasive is shifting its business model from perpetual licenses to subscriptions. In the recent (November 2009) magic quadrant for Data Integration, Pervasive rubs shoulder with many of the big vendors. Click on figure for larger image.

Pervasive sources.jpgMike started with their data integration. As noted by @Rick345, Mike argued that "Pervasive has the ability to design and deploy anywhere... connect to everything and solve for every integration pattern". There is an explosion of data sources, such as Amazon Relational Data, plus application interfaces, such as SAS. See the figure for the spectrum of their universal connectivity. Mike continued with overview of their Data Profiler, Integration Hub, Data MatchMerge, and Data Quality. Mike mused, "The pending data avalanche is going to kill many of the traditional data integration infrastructures".

Pervasive DataRush Arch.pngUnder NDA, Mike outlined their future plans as a "complete redesign and recoding" of the current offerings. The new business development areas are Data Rush, Business Xchange, DataSolutions, and the Pervasive DataCloud. The Pervasive Data Rush is targeting the Big Data problem, such as those in a Hadoop environment. The architecture for Data Rush has a rich assortment of analytic modules, as shown in the figure. Mike sketches the future as "aggressive use of parallelism to leverage multi-core servers with in-the-small thread-level coding."

When discussing their cloud solutions, Mike is hearing from Pervasive customers, "Our internal IT group is terrible, hard to work with, unresponsive and unsympathetic to our problems". Hence, ease to deploy solutions, like the Pervasive DataCloud, would be of value.

My Take...

Pervasive has come a long way over 28 years since the Btrieve days. They have low visibility in the BI/DW market primarily because of the traditional OEM embedded product channel. As a financial stable company, they are moving ahead into new independent business ventures, capitalizing on the global business needs for data integration.

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