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LyzaSoft Bridges Enterprise Analytics with Desktop

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LyzaSoft briefed the BBBT on an all-in-one analysis tool for the desktop. Present were Scott Davis, founder and CEO, Brain Krasovec, founder and VP of Product Mgt, Melissa Risteff, CMO, and Scott Humphrey, PR.Lyza logo.jpg

The tool is positioned as a bridge between traditional BI analytics as managed by IT versus personal desktop analytics as unmanaged. To avoid this analysis chaos, their focus is described as "step-by-step layered simplicity for traceability". The tool binds the data with its metadata so that the analyses retains their lineage from data sources through filters, transforms, and joins to the presented tables and charts.

LyzaSoft is launching on September 22 and will be priced at $899 per year. A 10-day trial is available for download.

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