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Lyza Software Launches at the Boulder BI BrainTrust

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lyza.jpgGartner calls the space Discovery Based Analytics, the gap between IT intensive Business Intelligence and Office Productivity where fast query performance, compelling front end and unfettered data integration needs to happen. Scott Davis CEO of Lyza sees this gap as a fantastic opportunity with a $1B market potential. The product is aimed directly at the Analyst community. Analysts have needs around experimenting with discovery, are often frustrated by centralized data bottlenecks and are often forced to use an array of disconnected collection, analysis and presentation solutions. Lyza wants to address all these needs and challenges.

Lyza is serving the analysts with an all-in-one data analysis tool for the desktop that will talk to heterogeneous data, visual data transformation and an automated presentation layer. The demo we got to watch today did an excellent job illustrating the well thought out features of the Lyza solution. Its highly graphical and very wysiwyg oriented.

lyza allinone.jpgThe company will officially launch on September 22nd 2008 but is already working with 100+ users in Beta. A great quote from one of them is below.

“I recently received a write out of a log that monitors the size of every file
system in the client’s environment. Although it was only 40MB, it contained
nearly 400,000 rows. I was able to quickly and easily drag the log into the
Lyza desktop and was immediately able to view, scroll and browse the file,
as well as perform the necessary data analysis required for the proposal—
all in a matter of minutes. And if the client wants me to analyze another
month's worth of data, I can simply drop it into my workflow that I built in
Lyza. I am sold on the product and confident Lyza will continue to be an
invaluable tool in the highly competitive storage market that I work in.”

- Chris Thomas, Senior Account Technical Consultant at EMC

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