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composite-software-logo.gifRecently, I was asked via twitter if a particular technology or set of technologies was still relevant.  My response was that the technologies were in fact relevant... however, my question was which problems were they solving....?

Often times software companies have a solution in search of a problem or an elegant solution that "only" really works on the fringes of business problems.  The recent presentation from Composite Software to the BBBT showed me that Composite is not only elegant technology but relevant to direct business issues.

Out of the Gate

Composite brought one of their clients - Compassion International - to present ( note i believe that this was a first for the BBBT .... ).  What Compassion International has been able to accomplish in a two year timeframe with Composite for their BI/DW needs is really amazing.  It shows what happens when you remove the "empire building" from the usual Business Unit vs Business Unit; Business vs IT; Everyone vs Finance games that usually cripple the current era of IT implementations... not just BI/DW.  I highly recommend that any organization take a look at what they can do when they stop thinking about protecting org charts or budgets and start thinking about what the company is around to do... in this case helping as many children as possible with the available funds.

Composite's solution allows Compassion International to perform some very elegant technology solutions that solve direct business issues.  And again, this is accomplished without much of the turf wars of who owns what data, where and how...

Sizzle... and Steak

The initial aspects of the Composite presentation from Compassion were almost too good to be true.  Great combination of client and technology.... The second half of the presentation told the BBBT crowd more about what Composite was doing for solutions that may not have been as tailor made... And Composite ( ... in my humble opinion... ) did not disappoint.

composite-solutions.JPGRobert Eve, EVP Marketing, and David Besemer, CTO, presented a series of solutions that clearly define a series of five (5) areas where Composite can provide clear value to a particular organization packaged as easy to understand offerings.  Gone are the "what do you have? what do you need?" discussions that often times lengthen sales cycles and slow the process of implementation.

By no means are these five solutions the only solutions that Composite has available for their customers/partner.  However, by putting the information in this format, they are easing the burden on IT selection teams, business users and ...frankly... their sales teams. 

This showed to me that Composite has definitely made strides in technology and marketing since our last BBBT session.  And I was pretty impressed with Composite as an organization at our last session...

Again, Composite has both the sizzle and steak that I like to see in an organization with the following:  1) Good case study story with an open and honest client 2) Sound go-to-market (GTM) strategies to scale that client success into new organizations and environments.



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