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ParAccel gets a huge turnout today.

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paraccel logo.pngWow! big turn out this morning, representatives from the BBBT are tuning in from France, The Netherlands, UK and South Africa not to mention 14 of us here in Boulder and the US. Rick Glick VP of Technology and Architecture and Kim Stanick VP of Marketing have joined us today to help bring us up to date on the new things around ParAccel. For those of you not familiar with ParAccel they are a columnar based MPP database for data warehousing and analytics. 

Kim is kicking things off with an impressive list of clients (sorry NDA can't share the list) The cases and stories are intriguing and include government, big retail, pharma and financial services. The solution is available as software only and totally configured appliance or you can purchase and build it yourself. 75% of ParAccel's clients are either purchasing the software or doing the "build your own" type of appliance approach. 

Version 2.5 of ParAccel is due in the coming months and offers some pretty cool upgrades (sorry NDA again) ParAccel sees that speed continues to lead the way with client needs and opens the door to more innovative analytics.  They leverage query optimization, compiled queries, shared nothing MPP and the power of the columnar database to serve these needs. The company is growing, and has added personnel during the last quarter.

To continue the companies growth Mark Lockareff is now in place as the new CEO of ParAccel. Mark's job is to take the company to the next level and beyond the late stage startup phase. I think this is a a big positive for ParAccel and this type of leadership will help them in what has become a very fast moving and competitive market segment.

It seems that ParAccel is at a tipping point, combined with a new CEO they have a new aggressive marketing campaign staged and ready to go in late February. I think this too is important and a positive for the company because in the past competitors in this segment have made a lot more noise and carried a stronger if not louder message to the market. The next couple of business quarters will tell the story for ParAccel it seems they are well armed for the battle and ready to start the next stage in the companies maturity.

Today's conversation was animated and brisk proof of this can be seen on Twitter under the #BBBT hash tag where we set a record today for the BBBT with over 170 tweets!

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