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Lesley Proctor Marketing & Communications Manager and Alan Winters Senior Product Manager presented at the Boulder BI Brain Trust today and helped us understand the driving force behind why Corda does what it does. We always get to hear what a company does but its not often we get insight into the roots or motivations of a company. CEO John Purvis understands customer service and guides the company based on the lessons found within the Harvard Business Review articles by James Heskett, Earl Sasser and Leonard Schlesinger titled The Service Profit Chain. You should add the book to your business reading list so you can get the whole story I think this approach to the market is the secret behind the success of Corda.

Corda brings four solid solutions to the market all centric to Decisions with Performance Dashboards. PopChart a real-time, interactive, drill down enabled charts and graphs solution capable of getting data from any source. OptiMap a mapping dashboard solution, Highwire a solution that takes output and generates PDF documents from HTML pages for printing, archiving, portability email etc. And CenterView which offers all the above plus data aggregation and collection, portal support, data snapshots, collaboration alerting and a lot more.

A great feature of the Corda Dashboard solutions is a feature called best image fall back which allows the Corda server to read your client and send the best possible image supported. For instance if you access information from a cell phone the system is smart enough to decide that you would be best served by supply a *.jpg and if you access the same information with your desktop browser the system will deliver the same information but in flash.

Corda includes a builder application included inside all the solutions allows you to design and create custom views and dashboards.

To sum up, Corda is independently owned, 13 years old, profitable and unencumbered by VC's. The 60 employee firm has a culture around it that support enthusiasm and innovation. The focus of doing one thing and doing it well is paying off for them.

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