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expressor software takes Data Integration to next Level

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expressor logo.pngexpressor software presented with John Russell, chief scientist & co-founder and Dr. Michael Waclawiczek, VP of Marketing. Their focus is on high-end Data Integration (DI) product. Launched company in May of last year. Raised $10 M in August along with an additional $6 M. Shipped expressor 1.2 in November. Headquarter in Burlington. 28 employees. Busy little company in its 11 months from its launch.

Their pricing based on 'channels' (units of data parallelism) at $20 K per channel, implying low-cost sales process targeting SI. If they are successful, they can shift the paradigm for the DI marketplace, lowing the usually huge price for large DW shops and providing a nice entry point for smaller shops. Market opportunity with 70% in DI custom-coding, to where they are migrating. Nice set of partners from large DW vendors, DW appliance, resellers, and a few SIs. Still confused about the initial rationalization of metadata, especially from external source.
expressor tools.png
Shown at right, expressor tools range form initial definition to execution parameters: constructor, initiator, administrator, illustrator, and communicator. In several cases, they did a nice use of Microsoft Office plug-ins with Excel & Visio. Using Lua open-source scripting inside.

We discussed parallel processing models: SIMD vs MIMD. They use a hybrid similar to MIMD but more lightweight...threaded. Unique cache-locality processing because it is written in low-level C, not in C++ or Java.

Unofficial data rates range 3-10 TB/hour with 64 parallel channels, with data compression and encryption.

New versions coming! Sorry, details under NDA.

Despite my confusion on several issues, I would recommend taking a close look at expressor if DI is your pain spot. First, view the demo on their website. Second, read their literature. Third, buy a 6-mo license for one channel and apply it to your data as a proof of concept. Fourth, construct your business justification and project plans. Finally, circulate your RFP to the SI partners of expressor software. If you do this, please share with me your experiences.


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